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At Navy Seals Moving, we are ready for hard labor through the moving process in any weather for your convenience. There are a lot of moving companies that are dishonest, slow and sloppy. Our movers are the complete opposite. If you will check moving reviews online, you will see that Navy Seals Moving is considered to be one of the best long distance moving companies in New York and New Jersey. We are clean, efficient and you can trust us with your property at any given day. As your reliable moving company, our team is committed to pack you up quickly while saving your time navigating through traffic.

The 3 basic principles that makes Navy Seals a great moving company is:

  • Quality Employees – From our superb customer service to the last box our highly trained moving team drops off, you are up for a fast and easy experience. The proof of that is our loyal clients that keep coming time after time!
  • Affordable Pricing – when moving to another country, you want to know how much exactly you are going to pay. Our long distance moving company has absolutely simple and transparent billing system.
  • Convenience – At Navy Seals Moving, our number one priority is you and your family. We work hard for our customer’s complete satisfaction until the job is done.

Residential And Commercial Moving Company

It doesn’t matter where you are moving, our professional movers can help! Our guys provide long distance commercial and residential moving service and products and we are ready to fulfill the important need of your relocation.

Special Care

We hear a lot of stories from clients of stolen and damaged item when dealing with non professional movers. Instead of hiring unknown companies and take a risk of loosing your belongings, cal Navy Seals Moving company today! Our employees are efficient, quick and extra careful. You can leave all the packing up to us! We have a box for every last one of your home belongings including electronics, books, dishware, mirrors and even furniture! We stack your property into our truck with special care. Our East Coast to West Coast movers will also unload the truck with the same care when we reach the drop off point.

With Navy Seals Moving, you can know what to expect! Before the moving process starts we will send you a relocation adviser who decides the logistic factors of your move. On that meeting you will receive a document with our detailed policies and prices. Our movers work hard to stay within your budget because your satisfaction is our business.

One phone call to Navy Seals Moving can make the moving experience easier for you and your loved ones.

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